Blah, Blah, Blah, but Really, It’s Me.

I figured I’d start this venture with an introduction. As you’re going to get to know my opinions and thoughts well over the course of this blog, why not have a summary ready to go. I’m a mom. I never thought I’d want to be a mom. Growing up on the farm I would play with the animals, but not all mushy dress them in clothes and push them in a buggy play, I’d put them in my pocket and climb a tree to see how much higher the kitten could get than I could. Fortunately this did not lead to any falling kittens, which in retrospect is quite lucky. Kittens aren’t the best climbers. Hang-on-for-dear-lifers, but not climbers. I had a racoon once. I named her Aphrodite because I did love her as my rescued little kit, and when she went off to my mom’s friend to live, it was a sad moment for me. I knew it was in her best interest at 18, but still. Sad.

MeKorbin2Now that I am a mom, I couldn’t imagine life any other way. My husband and I had our first child, a son, when I was in second year university. I got asked, “What now? How will you support yourself?” and at my first doctor’s visit to confirm the pregnancy I was even asked point blank, “Do you want to terminate?” Uh, no thanks. This is my fiancé here with me, and his brother. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a support system in place to handle this. Handle it we did! I finished my undergrad, went on to teacher’s college (which in Canada is a Bachelor of Education, don’t ask. I don’t know why this post-graduate degree is Bachelor part two), and now have three kids to call my own. Or ours. Whatever.

In school, I’d often joke to friends that my plate wasn’t full, it had broken so I’d gotten a bigger model. Parenting, working, attending university full-time, running a school club, volunteering and on the exec of two more, plus somewhere being a wife is quite the venture, but I don’t know it any other way. Things pile up little by little, and when you look back you realize just how much you did and ask “how the hell?!” Still, I managed it, read myself to sleep at a decent hour with Da Vinci Code, or Handmaid’s Tale, or Sword of Truth. I may not have gotten all of my course reading done, but I was happy.

Fast forward a few years, hubby is in school, I’m done, and we’re ready to start on model two of our family. Dude is now 4 ½ and we want to grow the blood line. Fertility has never been an issue for us, so soon enough we were on to the next pregnancy, I had landed not one but three jobs, and life was grand. I had tried to figure out working at Sears and an afterschool program simultaneously, but it wasn’t working out. Then the school board called, and I was one of the last hires before all of the school boards in Southern Ontario locked down. At the time, I didn’t realize how lucky I was, but as we went forward this would become abundantly clear.

Amberle 003Life was good in London. There is a great Pagan community that I was able to become a part of, and still am very close to. There was a great SprialScouts circle for my son and my daughter had we stayed. I also had an amazing time occasional teaching and loved this very much. I love being the consistency when there is none, be it due to illness or attending a course, my regular teachers could rely on me to be there for their students so that there would be as little disruption as possible. I could also take days off for the doctor, to be ill, and so on. It was the best of all worlds for a mother, teacher, and provider.

Well, then my husband graduated school and got a job down in Windsor. His career was starting and leaving London behind. We had a choice to make, so I applied to the Windsor school board while working in London. Our marriage was suffering and we had to decide if it was time to relocate, or go our separate ways. I applied again. Still nothing.

iPhone 037We chose to move to Windsor in 2011, and I still didn’t hear from the school board. This is after now having almost four years teaching experience. I had an LTO, great references, but apparently that doesn’t matter to this board. I’m not going to go into it in depth, because I’m not interested in slander charges, but following my interview in 2015, it was clear that we needed another change. Three children, a hubby, dog, and cat have decided to move to a small town outside of Windsor. It’s time to make a break, and find some relief from this dead-end that we seem to keep hitting the wall of.

I’m excited about this. It means that I can pursue my dreams of homeschooling, minimalizing our footprint by becoming more self-sufficient, ensure that my children have similar morals, and that they get to learn what they want to learn, not sit in a class for 6 hours a day being bored, uninterested, and not getting anything out of it except what they want the drones of the future to hold dear. One such example which drives me insane is the need to teach my kids in Fahrenheit. I know for the US this is not a big deal, why wouldn’t you. One. Simple. Answer. WE ARE CANADIAN!! Friends and acquaintances keep posting the spring temperatures in Fahrenheit complaining that it’s not 50. Well I’m pretty damn glad it’s not 50! Can you imagine the environmental impact of it being 50°C in the middle of March! Oh. My. God! That would be awful! I cry when I see that the humidity level has made it feel like 50°C in the summer let alone March!

It is important to me that my kids learn that you don’t need stuff to be happy. You don’t need a $800 stroller, you don’t need a 50” screen television. You especially don’t need one in each room. I had said that I don’t want any televisions upstairs. I meant it. Watch Kijiji and the free sites folks, we will be listing a bunch of televisions in May! Televisions are horrible for your sleep!

Another thing that is important to me is self-sufficiency. Schools don’t teach wood shop, sewing, cooking, basic banking skills, or any of the sort. These are all life skills that are extremely important! You will need to cut wood for your fence or deck, or just to assemble your Ikea furniture. You’ll definitely need to sew on a button and fix a zipper, and cooking is a daily chore. If you can’t bank, how do you know if you can afford to buy milk or if you have to wait a few days? These are make it or break it things, and the school system has completely neglected them!

As you can tell, I’m not only a mom, but I’m also very passionate about my beliefs. I’m a minimalist because consumerism is wrecking our society. I’m what I learned was called an attached parent but until my son was 6 I was just going with the flow. He wanted to sleep with me, so we coslept. I breastfed him whenever and wherever because that’s what babies need. And I carried him because he didn’t like to be put down. See the need, fill the need. He’s now an independent and awesome 12 year old kid, and his sisters got the same great start.

Willow Haven Photography-3013I’m also an environmentalist. There are horrible things going on right now from oil pipelines and arctic ice collapse to mysterious cavernous holes opening up in Russia. It’s terrifying, and every little bit we can do to help, I will do. We may have three kids, but we still drive a 5-seater Kia Rondo. I am torn because on one hand a minivan would greatly reduce the stress of driving to my mom’s but on the other hand it would consume much more gas. Green problems.

I’m also a tom-boy, who hates to dress like a girl. I’ll do it on occasion, but give me my men’s clothes and I’m happy. I had always wanted an undercut from grade six onwards, but it wasn’t until September of 2013 that I finally got this. I did a full side cut from my temple to my nape shaving a third of my hair off, and while I loved it, it was a bit too much for me. I now have just the front to just behind my ear, and that works perfectly. Enough of an edge, enough of myself.

What else to say, I guess hobbies include fitness and outdoor activity, Primal/Paleo research and eating, childhood development and education, photography, writing, crafting, gardening, building, and I have to say it, but napping. I’m a big fan of the nap.

I could probably keep on rambling for another thousand words, but this has already hit the 1500 mark, so I’d better stop before you all become bored and decide to never return. NEVA! No, please do. I have lots of ideas to share, and ways to make your life easier. Up on the docket right now I have a cute alphabet, an article on sleep, and how to keep yourself from drowning in laundry! Come back soon to check up and make sure I’ve kept my promise of being interesting, and if not interesting at least mildly controversial and hilarious.


About StillKeepingAfloat

I'm a mother of 3, wife of 1 man, teacher since I was 13, entrepreneur born, lover of life and all it entails, a minimalist at heart, and an Earth crusader through and through. To read my full bio, go to .
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