Looking for a Home

The hubs and I decided this past winter that it was time for a change. I found a lovely property on Facebook courtesy of one of my friend’s realtor’s pages, and we went to see it with our realtor. It wasn’t as awesome as we’d hoped. It was presented as a landscaped two acre property with three bedrooms and the possibility of a fourth. Brand new kitchen, laminate floors, geothermal heating, and a nice new barn. Well, the last was all true, except that the laminate floors were already wrecked by the current owner’s dogs, and there was no fourth bedroom. Plus there wasn’t any landscaping. They’d covered the entire two acres with gravel for some ungodly reason. That’s a lot of work to reclaim two acres!

So, we had two options: continue living in our current lovely home, or continue to home search. Following the fall through of my interview process with the school board for reasons that were complete bull crap, I needed a change. I needed to get out of Windsor, and find a home that I could call my base. We agreed that this would be good not only for me, but for the family too. We chose to search a nearby smaller town where hubby has lots of friends from work. It sounds like a great plan, and the whole family is excited to move.

We initially found a really nice house, but there were some things that bothered me about it. We put in an offer because it was amazing enough, and that offer would expire in one month if our house didn’t sell. One month later, we were still unsold and we didn’t want to drag the owners of that house through a wait for use to sell ours. We were feeling discouraged and unsure.

Within a week, our house had an offer, and we were to have our offer complete by April 10. We went back to that property, and I just couldn’t do it. The basement is a true basement versus the half basement of our current home, so it was dark. I was worried about the fourth bedroom windows from the get go, with Dude being able to get out in a fire. The windows were the size I thought they were on our return, but they are the kind that are easy to pop out. That still leaves the maze to get to the family room though. You go down the stairs, to the back of the house past Dude’s room, past the office, to the other far side of the house in the biggest L you can to get there. I’m sure we’d get use to it, and I know it’s nitpicky when you consider that the family room is almost half of the basement ready for hanging out and it did have two windows, but it just didn’t feel right.

Then I went to the back yard. This was the biggest worry for me. Having grown up on the farm, I initially felt that our current yard was small. Over time I’ve grown to love how big our yard is and realized that it really is a sizable yard. The yard at that house was less than half of our current yard when you add in the deck that stuck out more than halfway into the very center of the yard. I walked back there, and I just couldn’t do it.

On Friday, we went through some homes with bigger yards. We found one that we both really liked, and on Sunday we decided to put in an offer. Another family also wanted it though, and they offered more than us. We didn’t get the house. The past few hours we’ve been sad, wondering what now, and hoping that another property comes up. That house would have been perfect for us. It was only a little bigger, and had a lovely large lot. The search continues though, so we just have to hope that we find something that’s for us, and now that our house is sold, we have a deadline to meet…


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I'm a mother of 3, wife of 1 man, teacher since I was 13, entrepreneur born, lover of life and all it entails, a minimalist at heart, and an Earth crusader through and through. To read my full bio, go to http://www.StillKeepingAfloat.com/Intro .
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One Response to Looking for a Home

  1. anikaerin says:

    Good luck! So exciting and also so stressful, and I hope you find a perfect place soon!


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