You’re probably thinking I’ve discovered some awesome shortcut to some magical end. Sorry, no. Pirate has been asking for a shortcut haircut for a while, so yesterday we took her to the hair salon.

The day started off normally, and we headed out to get Princess her new glasses. Her very first pair. Since I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg, I hoped to find a sale at the Superstore, and sure enough I did. I also found a store full of people.

While driving there, Pirate is in the back seat in her monster shirt asking if we’re going to the hair salon. It was absolutely adorable. I told her we were getting Princess’ glasses first, and then I’d get some juice boxes as a treat. Well, an hour later we’re finally through the line to get her glasses paid for. We go get juice and a snack and by the time we pay the glasses store is empty. Annoying. Oh well it was done and Pirate was fairly patient in the process.

Off to the hair salon, which was just First Choice since my friend was busy. I went in and put her name down and we went to get Pirate her new shoes. She chose some blue ones that light up hearts on the side. Fairly gender neutral, and they just happened to be on sale half off and Doc McStuffins. She was happy, mommy was happy.

Next we returned to the hair salon where I asked the hair dresser about a sort of shaggy short style. She thought a bob would look nicer, so we went with that, and Pirate loves it. That’s what counts.

We went out to dinner with the money budgeted for glasses that I didn’t have to spend, and the whole time she was shaking her head, feeling her hair move, and just loving it. Her hair was such before that it didn’t really move. It is still extremely fine and we’re  hoping it’ll grow in more in the next few years. For now, she’s happy with a bob and can get a pixie later if she wants.


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