We started a family tradition when Dude turned 7: make it a night to remember! We took him to Medieval Times, spoiled him rotten with a knighting ceremony, big cheering flag, tshirt, sword, and shield. He loved it and talks about it still at 12.

Well, Princess turned 7 this year and with moving, a new job, and all of that mayhem, it took a couple months to get there. Wednesday was the night though! She took a while to warm up to what was going on, but then she had a blast!

 She made her dress with me, got her high heels, and smiled from ear to ear.  This is her with her “handsome knight.”

And finally her ladyship ceremony.  

She got her big cheering flag, name announced during the tournament, and a dragon dagger as part of her ladyship ceremony.

We also found a Zelda sword and shield that we had to get for Dude. 😉 He and Pirate stayed with Hubby’s sister who spoiled them. 😀 Everyone had a blast, and Hubby’s bro came too!


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  1. Anxious Mom says:

    Aw sounds like a great tradition!

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