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Holiday Orders

I ordered the cutest bunny earrings for the girls. White rabbit with bum and hind feet as the back and head and forefeet as the front. I ordered them a month ago. They came yesterday.  The girls love them, but … Continue reading

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Funny conversations with kids.

Sometimes when you have kids they tell you the blunt truth. Sometimes that’s pretty darn funny. I’ll keep this an ongoing list of funny things the kids say, so here’s the first one: March 27/15: We were walking up to … Continue reading

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Mourning Saint Patrick’s Day

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day in Canada. I’m always at odds on this day, because I have a bunch of Irish blood, my husband is at least half Irish with his mom being born there, and well, we’re pagan. This is one of those teachable moments: Saint Patrick’s Day is not about drinking green beer and wearing shamrocks. Continue reading

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