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I have been ridiculously busy. I apologize for the nearly month long absence! Since then Princess has turned 6, hubby has turned 35, and I’ve turned 33! Soon we will be moving, on Pirate’s 3rd birthday. It’s a whirlwind, but … Continue reading

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Park Time

There is a park right around the corner with a nice playground and a sand ground. I know lots of parents complain about sand, but it’s my kids’ favourite. We walked to the park this afternoon and I brought along … Continue reading

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We have had a busy weekend full of Beltaine celebrations and birthdays. We danced the maypole, pot lucked with friends, then had a terrific visit with hubby’s family, and a birthday party today! It’s been wonderfully busy. Better post later. … Continue reading

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You’re probably thinking I’ve discovered some awesome shortcut to some magical end. Sorry, no. Pirate has been asking for a shortcut haircut for a while, so yesterday we took her to the hair salon. The day started off normally, and … Continue reading

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Yesterday Pirate had an epic meltdown. She’s been a tantrum thrower from the start, but we had it under control with her corn allergy being taken care of. Over the past few months she’s been folks rating more and more, … Continue reading

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Crafting Energy

 I am going to be getting my craft on next week. I have committed to make and sell a bunch of my custom stepping stones. I’ll be doing up Cardinal points for ritual, or just a big compass! I’ll also … Continue reading

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Prophecy II

Warning: Minimal spoilers to the movie The Kingsmen I blogged about a Hopi prophecy regrading the impending arrival of the rainbow children and how my Pirate is one of these children sent to change the world. I truly believe this … Continue reading

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Raising People

  Sometimes raising people is hard. Sometimes we lose our tempers and have to take a step back to calm the f down. Sometimes when in the heat of the moment we have trouble stoping to do this, but it’s in … Continue reading

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   I am a believer in the ability to see the future, prophecy, psychic abilities of all kinds, telekinetic, telepathic, touch seers. I have known people of all abilities, and have seen spirits from a young age myself. Dude has … Continue reading

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Field Trips

One of the many things working from home affords me is the ability to schedule my work so that I can go on field trips with my kids. Today was one such day. My son excitedly told me last night … Continue reading

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