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   I have been utterly exhausted the past few weeks. I mentioned I felt a crash coming, so fortunately it wasn’t a mood crash, just an energy crash, but crash it was. Hubby has been extremely understanding though, so I’ve … Continue reading

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Funny conversations with kids.

Sometimes when you have kids they tell you the blunt truth. Sometimes that’s pretty darn funny. I’ll keep this an ongoing list of funny things the kids say, so here’s the first one: March 27/15: We were walking up to … Continue reading

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When you’re done cosleeping but the toddler isn’t.

Cosleeping is a wonderful, sleep expanding, breastfeeding enabling, biologically normative experience. That doesn’t mean that we want to sleep with a baby or child across our chest indefinitely though. This morning I woke up stiff and sore from Pirate sleeping … Continue reading

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Sleep, or a lack there of…

Rarely will you hear me rant about lack of sleep. I fully acknowledge that kids = less sleep. At least until they’re about 10. No, I’m not joking. This means that I have about seven more years until I can count on sleeping alone and through the night. Except that I don’t sleep through the night. No healthy human does. It would be biologically counter productive to sleep through a raid, animal attack, or bush fire. We wake, adjust the covers, maybe roll over, and doze back off. Hopefully, the countdown is on…unless we adopt…We cosleep so we get more sleep. Yes, it does usually work that way. Continue reading

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