Store: StillKeepingAfloat

Visit my Etsy Shop: Still Keeping Afloat for lots of great products to make your life easier.

  • cloth training pants
  • split pants/jumpers
  • play pen wrap sheets
  • crib wrap sheets
  • baby starter kit (a tote with mattress to use as a bassinet, bath tub, eventually keep sake box that is filled with gender neutral diapers [5 fitted or 6 prefold], onesies [2x3mo, 2x6mo], a hat, pants, blanket, first aid kit, and more!)
  • car seat ponchos
  • stroller-to-shopping cart snap on converter
  • drink caddy
  • bag organizer modules (comes with three for various sizes)
  • ultimate diaper bag
  • ultimate diaper bag with sleeper
  • cup cozies
  • multi-purpose hats (balaclava to toque to neck warmer)
  • diaper holders/stackers with wipe pocket
  • wipe solution concentrate
  • home made, biofriendly deodorant
  • home made, biofriendly toothpaste
  • essential oils by doTERRA (I’m a representative)
  • so much more including customs requests!

2014-11-11 16.24.44


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