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I have been ridiculously busy. I apologize for the nearly month long absence! Since then Princess has turned 6, hubby has turned 35, and I’ve turned 33! Soon we will be moving, on Pirate’s 3rd birthday. It’s a whirlwind, but … Continue reading

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You’re probably thinking I’ve discovered some awesome shortcut to some magical end. Sorry, no. Pirate has been asking for a shortcut haircut for a while, so yesterday we took her to the hair salon. The day started off normally, and … Continue reading

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Raising People

  Sometimes raising people is hard. Sometimes we lose our tempers and have to take a step back to calm the f down. Sometimes when in the heat of the moment we have trouble stoping to do this, but it’s in … Continue reading

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Field Trips

One of the many things working from home affords me is the ability to schedule my work so that I can go on field trips with my kids. Today was one such day. My son excitedly told me last night … Continue reading

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Decluttering on Crack and Stroller Roulette, er Reviews…

So…I’ve mentioned that we’re moving, and to do that we had to declutter our house. We don’t do things small, so we kinda, maybe, sorta emptied our house…by accident I swear. No, but here’s the thing. There are some things … Continue reading

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Print Cannot Die

Print cannot die, because without it our memories will eventually be lost. Continue reading

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Macabre Alphabets for Kids

I enjoy spooky things. Our kitchen door has skull and crossbones lace, which I absolutely love. I’m a practicing pagan druidess and I just enjoy that sort of thing. When this alphabet song came up in my newsfeed a couple … Continue reading

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Less is so much more.

I mentioned yesterday that I had some pointers on laundry. Honestly, it’s not rocket science. I’m a minimalist and that includes clothing. My kids have a set number of items, which on occasion expands such as birthdays, holidays, or when grandparents return from vacation, but other than that it’s pretty set. Continue reading

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Blah, Blah, Blah, but Really, It’s Me.

I figured I’d start this venture with an introduction. As you’re going to get to know my opinions and thoughts well over the course of this blog, why not have a summary ready to go. I’m a mom. I never thought I’d want to be a mom…. Now that I am a mom, I couldn’t imagine life any other way. Continue reading

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