Damn It!

Today should have been a very exciting and happy day. Stress free, fun, great even. It wasn’t. You know why? Bipolar depression is why. It f-ing robbed me of another great day and I’m pissed. I have felt exhausted, short tempered, and wanting to be isolated for a few days again, and today was supposed to be great.

Today, hubby and I picked up or brand new cars! My much anticipated, for the last 5 years needed, minivan. It has full stow-n-go! It has Bluetooth hands free! It’s all I wanted and has a trailer hitch to go camping! I’m thrilled! But I don’t look it, and I just feel like crap for it. F you bipolar depression.


About StillKeepingAfloat

I'm a mother of 3, wife of 1 man, teacher since I was 13, entrepreneur born, lover of life and all it entails, a minimalist at heart, and an Earth crusader through and through. To read my full bio, go to http://www.StillKeepingAfloat.com/Intro .
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