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Anyone Terrified After Chester Bennington’s Suicide Chester Bennington, Linkin Park’s lead singer died from his ongoing battle with depression on Thursday, July 20. His best friend Chris Cornell’s birthday. Chris Cornell died from his own battles earlier this year, and … Continue reading

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Damn It!

Today should have been a very exciting and happy day. Stress free, fun, great even. It wasn’t. You know why? Bipolar depression is why. It f-ing robbed me of another great day and I’m pissed. I have felt exhausted, short … Continue reading

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Job Hunting

Back in February, it was made abundantly clear that I will never work for my local school board. I’m not going to slander them, so I won’t go into it in such a public forum. I was understandably devastated, and … Continue reading

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Prophecy II

Warning: Minimal spoilers to the movie The Kingsmen I blogged about a Hopi prophecy regrading the impending arrival of the rainbow children and how my Pirate is one of these children sent to change the world. I truly believe this … Continue reading

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Down Days I

Yesterday (I say that because I’m finally getting a chance to write this at 12:30am) I was having a day. I woke up feeling a little sick, took a doTERRA OnGuard beadlette and some Pepto Bismol and while my upset … Continue reading

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