Anyone Terrified After Chester Bennington’s Suicide

Chester Bennington, Linkin Park’s lead singer died from his ongoing battle with depression on Thursday, July 20. His best friend Chris Cornell’s birthday. Chris Cornell died from his own battles earlier this year, and I guess the world just got to be too much for him. Songs like Heavy, Numb, and many others illustrate how hard he fought, and have helped me in my own battles.

As with any loss of someone who seemed to have it all together, have found peace, and I find out that they were just wearing their mask well, I’m shaken. Not as much as Robin Williams, or even Chris Cornell. I suppose I’ve become numb.

I first heard their music from a boyfriend who would chat with me on yahoo messenger. I immediately bought their first cd, and quickly followed with the next. I’d admittedly lost track of them but I haven’t keen listening to any music. That’s what happens when I’m in my own dark place. I drive in silence which is the only place I’d hear new music. I look at poles, trees, and avoid them. I’m not here right now, I’m driving with music again. Even singing along.

Chester dealt with a lot of heavy stuff, and now he can find peace. As someone who is and has battled, we all die some how and some time. It’s always sudden. RIP Chester.


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